St. Petersberg Island – The Heart of Europe [THoE]

Dubai, U.A.E.



Dynamic Engineering Consultants



Dubai, U.A.E.



WADG has intricately woven every element of this island with intelligent
acoustic solutions in every area of this hotel, turning this heart shaped
island into a very acoustically comfortable and peaceful destination.
This design was performed under ISO, DIN, EN & VDI acoustic standards.

The essential areas acoustically considered in the design are:
• Restaurant
• All day Bar
• Restaurant seating area
• AHU Plant rooms and Pump rooms

The public areas were acoustically considered to be of the highest
performance standards. The Pump rooms and the plant rooms were
designed in detail to contain all transmission of airborne sound through
walls, ducts and vent and all vibrations from machinery and pumps to
ensure upmost guest comfort in all areas of the island.