Jewel of the Creek

Dubai, U.A.E.



Dubai International Real Estate


Kling Consult Int’l / Kieferle & Partner


Dubai, U.A.E.



Site specifics: FOH & BOH in 5-star hotel, serviced apartment towers, F&B outlets, marina clubhouse, residential towers

Scope of work: schematic design review; project program analysis and review; establish design development requirements;

Key focus areas: generate acoustic reports for environmental noise influence on the facd construction; analysis, review, and comments on acoustic performance of proposed facade and glazing assemblies for sound isolation; analysis and review on acoustic treatment for sound infiltration between adjacent spaces; acoustic materials list and cutsheets.

Direct interface with architects, designers, engineers and other team members ongoing throughout the process to ensure proper acoustic systems, materials and detailing techniques to isolate, absorb, attenuate, enclose, or otherwise prevent the intrusion of noise.

Jewel of the Creek, the $1.3 billion, mixed use development is in the heart of the Deira Creek district and will become an urban centre and prominent landmark with completion scheduled for Q2 2017. when complete the complex will house 8 apartments buildings, 4 serviced hotel/apartments, 3 office towers, 2 hotels, a conference center and hospitality areas covering 123,955sqm of land.

WADG was hired from the outset of the project as the consultant in charge of building acoustics and room acoustic design. As this project is in the heart of an already bustling urban district, with major auto thoroughfares, boat traffic, and overhead airplane flight patterns it presented a unique set of challenges for sound attenuation and ambient noise mitigation.

Deliverables required from WADG range from schematic design reports and evaluations to final design reports and drawings. Tender documentation, including material BOM, cut sheets, and technical properties were also required in conjunction with tender review documents and construction reports.