Midfield Terminal Complex

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.



Abu Dhabi Airports / Etihad Airways


Honeywell Building Solutions


Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.



WADG scope of work included data collection and concept design (in coordination with Etihad ID standards), detailed design planning, construction documentation, EASE modeling, testing, contractor advisory management, more modeling, re-testing and supervision.

WADG won the assignment based upon its outstanding fundamental approach to acoustics, the background and history of its specialists, and previous successful achievements in large public infrastructure works, including King Fahd Stadium, Oman Rail, and STI performance certification measurements at Terminals 1 & 2 of the existing Abu Dhabi airport.

WADG has successfully met all of the concept, technical, and design deadlines. Initial EASE modeling and subsequent on ground testing has surpassed the required acoustic parameters envisioned by the Etihad design team for all areas, specifically the first class lounge areas, passenger walkways, and check-in areas.

WADG is proud to help Etihad Airways and Abu Dhabi Airports in their quest to support the governments 2030 Strategic Vision.

Abu Dhabi Airports multi-billion dollar upgrade scheme centers around the new Midfield Terminal Building. Designed as a destination in its own right, and focused on providing travelers a world-class experience where luxury and opulence are the standard, the new MTB encompasses 700,000 sq. of internal space. The design philosophy centers around creating a sense of place for all travelers, and a “haven of peace, calm, and luxury” for guests in its lounge areas.

WADG was contracted to advise, test, measure and recommend acoustic parameters that meet the overall design philosophy-no small task for a building of this size and complexity, capable to process 8,500 passengers an hour and more than 30 million per year, through spaces as diverse as 24/7 first class lounges, bars, buffets, check-in areas, VIP check-in areas, baggage claim, walkways, server rooms, prayer rooms, business centers, cargo facilities and duty free shops.

Additionally, and requiring specific attention from WADG was the functional impact of the acoustic parameters on the PA/VA system performance – performance which cannot be compromised and must function fully during the most critical of times, times of emergency such as fire, lost children, security alerts, etc.