JVC Twin Towers & Suites in the Skai

Dubai, U.A.E.



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Dubai, U.A.E.


IT, Telecoms & Electronic Security, Acoustics

Security Specific Mandate: WADG was invited and tasked with design preparation, planning and system specifications for the ICTS supply and installation of the multi-million dollar JVC Twin Towers complex under construction in Dubai. The luxury property security challenges include its urban environment, as well as the mixed use nature of its occupants and guests – hotel, residence, retail, corporate and fitness environments spread across two towers and multi-stories.

During the coordination meetings with the client, project managers, architect and design teams, WADG was tasked with the responsibility for making advanced recommendations and protocol for security integration vis-a-vis the unique structural, usage and management complexities of the property’s design. Overall security recommendations were required at minimum to meet with Dubai Department of Protective Systems’ directives, as well as specific futureproofing directives from the property operator and individual residence owners.

WADG worked in close conjunction with the contractor to provide witness testing schemes for the electronic security system, including system and interface functionality, control system hardware, interfaces, hardware, software, source devices, players, recorders, and switches.

WADG takes a holistic view to electronic security. ICTS is used to both supplement and enhance the physical security operations for any property. Our advice and recommendations for particular systems are always tailored to provide an inclusive, efficient integrated operating environment, allowing for threat mitigation and the reduction of property vulnerabilities of all types.

Following ANSI, TIA, and EIA standards, as well as local regulations and operator specifications, WADG designed, advised and provides ongoing consultancy regarding all ICTS – Integrated Communications Technology and Security Systems including:

  • Structured Cabling System
  • Data Network
  • PABX – Analog Telephony – IP Telephony
  • High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)
  • Guest Room Management System
  • CCTV Surveillance System
  • Access Control System
  • Intruder Alarm System
  • Grounding and Bonding systems (for related ICTS systems)

WADG’s mandate also includes the CCTV video surveillance system including system components such as hardware, card readers, fiber optic cabling, ESS coordination, contractor installation coordination, detailed diagram drawings and reviews, architectural integration of cameras and recording devices, recording, back-up and fail-over design, network architecture, etc. Multiple reviews and reports of the system, system components, and overall integration with property IP and IT networking were regularly presented and refined with inputs from the design and architecture departments, contractors, the owners and operators management team.