Al Akaria – Westin Hotel

Riyadh, K.S.A.



Al Akaria


Typsa Group


Riyadh, K.S.A.



WADG was contracted to consult and design this mixed use hotel and hotel apartment project located in KSA, being a combination of 3 buildings (Westin Hotel, Westin Hotel Apartments & Elements Hotel).

WADG consultancy included acoustic design services such as the acoustic requirements of building acoustics – noise and vibration, environmental acoustic – influence of traffic noise to building facade and room acoustics – reverberation time, sound transmission class and speech transmission index. WADG were responsible for providing advice and information on acoustic requirements for the complete project.

WADG was obliged to provide services, required throughout all stages of work from concept design to tender evaluation, through detailed design phase and construction documentation, including all product information and spec sheets, warranties, and tender documentation.

Technical details incorporated into WADG’s design, operating programs and budgets included: design and bandwidth calculations, concept criteria standards and baselines, applicable design standards, design principle technical narrative, facility matrices, infrastructure schematics, access routes and spacing, among many others.